Tonkatsu, Japanese pork cutlet

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Today I want to talk about Tonkatsu, Japanese pork cutlet. Tonkatsu consists of a breaded, deep-fried pork cutlet one to two centimeters thick and sliced into bite-sized pieces, generally served with shredded cabbage, miso soup and white rice. Either a pork fillet or pork loin cut may be used; the meat is usually salted, peppered, dredged lightly in flour, dipped into beaten egg and then coated with panko (bread crumbs) before being deep fried. (Source: wikipedia)

Tonkatsu is typically popular as a lunch food among Japanese people. Many Japanese business people including myself go to a Tonkatsu restraurant and eat Tonkatsu once a week. Since Tonkatsu is very popular, there are many Tonkatsu restrants in Tokyo. However the problem is that it is difficult to differentiate the star Tonkatsu restaurant from mediocre ones from the outside. In our tour, we would take you to one of the star restaurants with its reasonably priced as your lunch like a local Tokyoite.

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