Tsukemen, a kind of Ramen

Hi there,

My second entry is also about Ramen. But this time, I am going to introduce another type of ramen called Tsukemen, which is my favorite too. Tsukemen is not a typical noodle soup style. Rather, the noodle and soup come in the separate bowl.

Basically, you will dip the noodle in the soup like zaru soba style. Why this style? This way, you can taste and enjoy the real taste of noodle. You are likely to eat much more noodle than typical ramen in a soup style.

Also, the soup is usually more condensed, richer and deeper so when you finish eating noodle, you should ask the staff to say “soup wari, kudasai” or “soup please”. He is going to give you another soup to mix it with the tsukemen soup to make it drinkable or less condensed. You finish eating noodle and drinking the soup. This is how you enjoy Tsukemen.

Of course, in our tour, we will introduce one of the best Tsukemen shops in Tokyo, which is totally supported and loved by local people.

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