Things to do in tokyo

1:Visit Asakusa

Asakusa area is quite famous tourist spot for both Japanese and foreigners. Asakusa area still has traditional aspects of Japan strongly. You could enjoy classic atmosphere of Japan. There are a remarkable temple called Sensō-ji and a well-known shopping street called Nakamise street.

Also, there are excellent restaurants especially for Japanese soba and a bowl of rice topped with tempura.

2885049548_da95d6ecc9_雷門 12948036974_051523e5ef_m_天丼

2:Drink Japanese Sake.

Please don’t miss to taste the excellent sake. In tokyo, there are good sake tasting bars and you could enjoy the finest sake difficult to experience outside of Japan. Especially, the sakes named “Juyondai”, “Dassai” and “Hakkaisan” are magnificent taste.

2422561498_05e75ed258_十四代1 8476908089_24e32879e1_獺祭

 3:Look Tokyo National Museum

Tokyo National Museum is the largest art museum in Japan. You could look ancient Japanese art including Japanese swords. The samurai swords are historically famous and truly beautiful.

Tokyo_National_Museum,_Honkan_2010 IMG_0509



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