What traditional sweets are Japanese women love?


This is Japanese famous sweets. It made for “kanten”, “anko”, “kuromitsu” and some fruits. What fruits and other material you use is free, so It has various arrangement. For example, anmitsu is great with “matcha”. You can eat “anmistu” in Japanese tea cafe, and buckwheat noodle restaurant.



Kakigori is made of ice. You Shave ice, then fluffy one is made. You can pour syrup whatever you want and some fruits over shaved ice. It is feature of summer in Japan. When you go “natsumatsuri” (Japanese festival) you can see “kakigori” everywhere. Of course you can eat it in café, too.



“Warabimochi” is called a bracken-strach dumpling in English. It’s tipical for the smooth and soft feeling. On top of it, putting “kinako”(soybean flour) and “kuromitsu”. It’s unique texture steal Japanese women’s heart away. It’s popular for gift.



Japanese are good at combining foreign things with Japanese one. Sweets are not an exception. For example, pancake is popular in Japan these days, and not only original one, but also Japanese-like pancake are created. (gleen tea taste)

Japanese sweets are low-calorie and dericious, so many Japanese women loves it. Many sweets are made for green tea, so drinking green tea and eat sweets at the same time is so good. Don’t you try it?

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