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Are you looking for the best sushi restaurant in Tokyo such as three Michelin-starred Jiro with prices starting at 30,000yen? This is what the most food lovers dream of. But you can find a lot of affordable sushi restaurants delivering the highest levels of customer satisfaction in Tokyo.

Tokyo is home to the world’s best sushi restaurants. Even I am a forty years long sushi lover, it is not easy to pick the one. Sushi is available in various styles and price ranges. What kind of sushi restaurant are you looking for? This is a brief list of the different types of sushi restaurant in Tokyo.

  • High-end: Dinner from 15,000yen. Sushi are served carefully and precisely on the interactions between the chef and the customer. Sushi chefs directly take orders from customers at the bar and prepare food in front of them. It’s best to eat the sushi that you are handed right away before contacting with the air to alter the flavor.
  • Medium range: Dinner from 5,000yen. The modern essence is mixed in some places.Typical sushi course menu include appetizer, warm dish, sushi, and miso soup. More
    counter seat are available than high-end sushi. You will enjoy quality food and good service.
  • Budget sushi chain: Dinner from 2,000yen. The degree of satisfaction is high in the variety, quality, and price. Many set menus are offered with pictures of the sushi so that ordering shouldn’t be too difficult.
  • Conveyor belt sushi: Prices are counted per plate from 100yen to 500yen. Plates come with one or two sushi pieces each. A load of sushi goes round on a conveyor
    belt. Customers take what they want to eat as it passes by. Popular among families with small kids. No language skills are needed.

  • High-end Sushi Restaurant…………Kimura
    2 Michelin starred sushi counter restaurant. Dinner from 15,000yen. This sushi restaurant only have 8 customers at a time to provide the chef’s greatest possible cares. You will be blown away by its real quality. As is often the case with high-end sushi restaurants, the reservation is very hard to come by. Lunch from 5,000yen Dinner from 15,000yen

    Medium Range Sushi Restaurant…………Gonpachi
    It’s in the 14th floor of the building. Most customers preferred window seat to enjoy magnificent views of the city. Course menu was delicious, beautiful and good value which included boiled oysters, jellied vegetables, baked fish, 8 pieces sushi, and miso soup. Nice selection of sake, beer and shochu. Not like authentic Sushi restaurant, they serve Japanese-western fusion rolls to suit the Western palate. One of this restaurant chain is where Kill Bill was filmed. Lunch from 2,000yen Dinner from 8,000yen

    Budget Sushi Chain…………Umegaoka Sushi no Midori
    This popular sushi restaurant chain serves great quality sushi at a budget price. They have been chosen as one of the most popular sushi restaurants among the 5,000 sushi restaurants in Tokyo. They always have long queues. I suggest you to choose the shop within department stores or train station building in case of poor weather. This sushi restaurant satisfies all your needs, great food and affordable price. I usually have set-menu from 1,500yen to 3,000yen, easier and quicker. You could be a witnesses of Tokyo’s famous long queue?!

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