Kaiseki – Perfect in Presentation and Tastes

What is Kaiseki?

Kaiseki, a traditional multi-course Japanese dinner, is served one little dish at the time. Each meal, dishware and the design of the restaurant are presented in a very refined manner, and adjusted to reflect the season. The meal consists of 6-15 different kinds of food. The restaurant staff are all very polite and treat diners with exceptionally thoughtful hospitality.

Kaiseki Restaurant………Tankuma, kitamise
This restaurant dish completely changed my image of Kaiseki. In my daily life, Kaiseki course is served for special occasions, wedding, funeral, or memorial services. I had thought that kaiseki looked better than it tasted. I was wrong. I could tell differences in a single bite of the steamed fish. Everything was perfect: balances of the taste, texture, and appearance. That was the moment I found out the truth about Kaiseki. Enjoy delicious traditional Japanese cuisine with your tongue and eyes. This restaurant’s branch in Kyoto is one Michelin-starred.
Lunch from 5,000yen Dinner from 10,000yen

(Photos: Google, Reference:jnto.go.jp)



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