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One day, I watched a TV program introducing a private teppanyaki room as a fine dining place offering tasty Wagyu steak. I couldn’t forget a scene that mouth-watering Wagyu beef was prepared by the chef at the open counter. I convinced myself that this delicious meal was best shared with someone like family or the loved ones.

When a chunk of Wagyu showed up in front us, everybody put on their happy face. Seafood and Wagyu being grilled was fun to watch and delicious to eat. Beautiful soup and appetizers were served before and after seafood and Wagyu. Nice meal, nice time and nice memory. Don’t forget to take pictures. Early reservation is strongly recommended due to limitations of chef’s counter seating.

Private Teppanyaki Room Restaurant………Kogentei
Hundred years old residence was renewed for this establishment in the middle of Tokyo’s quiet residential area. There are a beautiful confectionery cake shop and a good Okonomiyaki restaurant at the site. Lunch from 5,000yen. website speed test Dinner from 10,000yen
If you desire to eat Kobe beef, their Kobe beef signature dishes are:

  • The dry-aged Kobe beef sirloin steak (12,000yen 100g)
  • The highest class Kobe steak (9,000yen 100g)

  • What is Wagyu? Wagyu – Kobe is not the only choice –

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