Yakiniku (Wagyu Barbecue) -What makes Wagyu Special?-

What makes Wagyu special?

To find out the secret of Wagyu, head to Yakiniku restaurant. Just a piece of sliced beef gives you a melt-in-your-mouth texture with a rich sweetness.

Some people think that beef doesn’t need to melt in the mouth. Wagyu is too much fat and too expensive. Please don’t say that. You will be shocked at the delicate flavor of the marbled Wagyu.

When strips of raw beef arrive on your table, cook the meat yourself on the grill at the center of the table, then dip it in the sauce and eat. Don’t cook Wagyu beef too long. You have to carefully watch the meat cooked in front of you, otherwise you’re not going to have the melt-in-your-mouth experience. I recommend asking staffs to assist as they hold key information – the precise timing when the meat should be turned to achieve the best texture.

Yakiniku Restaurant………La,Bouef
My secret budget Yakiniku restaurant. The outside of the establishment looks far from a high-end restaurant, just like an ordinary house in the neighborhood. But their perfectly marbled Wagyu is premium and reasonably served in lower price than city center’s high-class restaurant. Wagyu literally melt in your mouth. The shop manager has confidence in the quality control of beef he stock. Beef lib (karubi) go well with Wasabi (Japanese radish) flavored soy-source. Extra special Gyusaku is 1,890yen (above photo). One of a few wallet-friendly Wagyu places. Unforgettable experience for meat lovers. You don’t have to eat anything but mouth-watering Wagyu beef. Great Wagyu, definitely worth it. They take bookings only for weekdays. The queue is an hour long in the weekend.
Dinner from 5,000yen

What is Wagyu? Wagyu – Kobe is not the only choice –

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