Sukiyaki (Wagyu Pot Meal) – Tokyo’s Budget Lunch –

A lot of restaurants offer introductory versions of their signature menus for lunch at midday in Japan. The dinner costs a lot more than the price of lunch.

Sukiyaki is a popular one-pot meal. The thin strips of Wagyu have been simmered with tofu, onions, leeks, and shimeji mushrooms with a lightly sweetened soy sauce. Dip in a raw egg when eating. Rich soy sauce mixed with raw egg give the beef mildness.

Sukiyaki Restaurant…………Imahan
This restaurant serves many types of Wagyu dishes, sukiyaki, shabu-shabu and steak. Limited numbers of bargain lunches are served at midday at Asakusa shop. The low prices but high quality remain the same. Their Wagyu is soft, tender and tasty.
Regular menus Sukiyaki bowl lunch 2,000yen. Lunch from 1,500yen Dinner from 6,000yen

This restaurant is located in Asakusa town which has an old, traditional feel with the famous Sensoji temple, the oldest temple in Tokyo. Numerous shops along Nakamise-dori Street runing along the approach way to Senso-ji Temple carry a variety of Japanese traditional goods such as folding fans, toys and kimono, etc. It is a lovely shopping street that attracts many foreign visitors. The “Kaminari-mon” (Gate of Thunder) with its huge red lantern suspended above the gate’s entryway is a famous landmark.

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