Okonomiyaki – Savory Pancake for Lunch or Dinner –

Japanese savory pancake, okonomiyaki, is not like a sweet and honey dripping pancakes for breakfast. The surface of okonomiyaki is crispy and crunchy, and the inside is soft, fluffy, sticky, salty, and smooth – a good mix of flavor and texture are all in one bite. Common ingredients include: wheat flour, egg, cabbage, pork, shrimp, squid, beef and etc. The brown okonomiyaki sauce is brushed over the surface, mayonnaise are squeezed across the surface, and bonito flakes and aonori are sprinkled on the top.

Okonomiyaki sauce is sweet but a little sour and spicy. Common ingredients include Japanese Worcestershire sauce, honey, ketchup and ginger, etc. – really tasty. Okonomiyaki sauce taste similar with Tonkatsu sauce. Both sauces can be drizzled on fried foods or used as a secret ingredient in dishes like stew. Tonkatsu sauce’s rich flavor and umami come from vegetables and fruits.

Okonomiyaki Restaurant – Cooked by the Chef………Chibo
You don’t have to cook okonomiyaki at some okonomiyaki restaurant. Grilled dishes are all prepared by the chef. They offers variety of okonomiyaki menu, with different combinations of okonomiyaki filling – beef sinew, spring onion, mochi rice cake, potato and cheese, etc. One of my favorite is Modanyaki mixed with cheese. Beautiful and delicious okonomiyaki.
Lunch from 1,200yen Dinner from 3,000yen

Okonomiyaki Restaurant – Cook It Yourself………Sometaro
At most okonomiyaki restaurant, customers get to choose their own favorite ingredients and cook the pancakes themselves on a flat iron grill at the table. You might ask your waiter for advice or help, come by to turn on the grill, when to flip the pancake and when to take it off the grill.

Are you interested in the old-fashioned atmosphere of Showa period of time? This restaurant was loved by writers and actors at that time. Sitting on tatami mat at low table, the Showa style, and the good old days have been lived here. This long-established shop is not only renowned for okonomiyaki but yakisoba, fried with sliced pork and vegetables like cabbage and bean sprouts served with Yakisoba sauce. They are all tasty and yummy. You are going to love it.
Lunch, Dinner from 2,500yen

This restaurant is located in Asakusa town which has an old, traditional feel with the famous Sensoji temple, the oldest temple in Tokyo. Numerous shops along Nakamise-dori Street runing along the approach way to Senso-ji Temple carry a variety of Japanese traditional goods such as folding fans, toys and kimono, etc. It is a lovely shopping street that attracts many foreign visitors. The “Kaminari-mon” (Gate of Thunder) with its huge red lantern suspended above the gate’s entryway is a famous landmark.

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