Teishoku (Set Meal) – Ask for Another Free Dish –

One of the foreign tourist’s complains is small portion but high price. Do you know that many Japanese Teishoku restaurants offer another bowl of rice and some dishes at no extra charge?

Various dishes are available through Teishoku – main dishes from sashimi, grilled fish and several kinds of deep-fried, and side dishes from tofu, vegetable and chawanmushi (steamed egg and broth mixture with chicken and vegetables). It comes with rice, miso soup, and pickles on the side.

Popular Main Dishes of Teishoku

Sashimi (Raw fish)
The texture and flavor are the large part of enjoying sashimi. Have you tried soft and sweet squid, creamy scallops, and sophisticated richness of medium fatty tuna?

Tonkatsu (Deep-fried breaded Pork cutlet)
An irresistible crunch texture outside and moist and flavorful meat inside. Very tasty.

A parcel of juicy filling (usually pork and vegetables) encased in a dumpling wrapper are pan-fried to well-browned crispy bottom and lightly steamed to create the nice contrast in mouth.

Karaage (Deep-fried Chicken)
The little chunks of soy-sake-ginger marinated chicken coated in cornstarch/flour are deep-fried until super crispy. Juice coming from the meat when bite. Japanese fried chicken is a beer-lover’s best friend.

Karaage Restaurant – Eat Karaage as much as you want…………Toridori
You can eat deep-fried chicken as much as you want at this restaurant when you order the deep-fried chicken set menu (Karaage Teishoku). Price is less than 1,000yen. It’s only for lunch. You will be asked how many chicken you want. They serve as many as you want. You can ask them again and again.

Teishoku Restaurant – Eat bowl of rice and side dishes whatever you want…………Torafuku
Teishoku restaurant serves good and simple everyday Japanese food. This restaurant cook rice with old-fashioned stove (Kamado). Kamado cooked rice is surprisingly good with aroma, fluffiness, and springy texture. You can choose two main dishes from wide selection of teishoku main dishes. Eat bowl of rice and side dishes whatever you want. Good for both lunch and dinner. Lunch from 1,500yen Dinner from 3,000yen

(Photos: Google, Reference:jnto.go.jp)



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