Wagyu – Kobe Beef is Not the Only Choice –

“A common misperception is that all Wagyu beef is Kobe beef.” (CNN) The terms Kobe and Wagyu beef are often misused interchangeably.

What is Wagyu?

The “Japan top three Wagyu” title refers to Matsusaka, Kobe, and Ohmi that those names are taken from the region of the commercial cattle farm where they are raised. Strict quality control system is introduced for tracking each piece of beef that enables to trace the biographical history of all Wagyu, including its date of birth, gender, parentage, breed, farm, and slaughter house. Each of the cattle is given an identification number. Each carcass are graded based on its yield (A-C) and level of marbling, firmness, color and overall quality (1-5).

More than 110 Wagyu brands exist in Japan. Some of them are called “Legendary Wagyu” because of limited supply. Ishigaki beef is one of them. Ishigaki beef is bred in a huge grassland with a warm climate throughout the year that makes cows free from the stress of cold weather, and the meat become extremely sweet and tender. The brand beef growers such as Kobe and Matsuzaka purchase Ishigaki calves and raise them to become the brand beef. Ishigaki beef was recognized as the world’s finest beef after being served at a reception for the G-8 Summit in 2000.

Kobe beef may be the best known Wagyu brand outside Japan, but Kobe beef is not the only choice.

Learn more about Wagyu? (NHK world)

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