One of the best Abura-soba in Ikebukuro, Tokyo “Musashino Abura Gakkai”

What is Abura-soba?
For those who have never heard of one of our unique food, Abura-soba, it is basically ramen without soup. Because of its name, (Aburra means oil and soba means noodle) a lot of people think it is so heavy, however, it is actually healthier than ramen. It has become dramatically popular in the last few years due to its delicious taste. If you are a ramen fan, let’s take a further step this time and try Abura-soba.



Musashino Abura gakkai
Musashino Abura gakkai aka Gakkai is very famous among students even though it is located in Ikebukuro, which is a very competitive area for ramen/abura-soba restraurants. Even if there is a line, don’t worry. It usually takes 10 to 15 minutes and we promise it’s worth the waiting in line process.

What to order
We recommend basic abra-soba. The price is only 630 yen. You can buy a ticket in front of the door and give it to a stuff. You can add extra noodle for free.


How to eat
Once your abra-soba is ready, you can add a little bit of spicy oil and vinegar. Then, you should mix it all well and eat it before it gets cold.

Musashino Abura Gakkai