Mt. Takao – It’s not just about hiking, it’s also about food and culture.

Mt. Takao is located in Tama, Tokyo and it is a great place to escape from a busy life in the city. In this season, you can enjoy the leaves changing color into red and brown. Many people think enjoying the nature there is the only thing you can do, however, you can also enjoy unique food and culture there. So if you are a foodie or want to experience Japanese culture, Mt. Takao is a place for you!



[What to eat]
These foods can be found at the bottom of the mountain, while climbing the mountain, and at the top.

 Oyaki
Oyaki is a Japanese dumpling made from buckwheat dough. There are usually Japanese vegetables (nozawana) or red sweet beans stuffed inside.

 Goma dango
Goma dango is dango with sesame. Once goma-dango is toasted, they put sweet soy souce based sauce on it. The outside is crispy and the inside is chewy as mochi.


 Nameko-jiru
It is soy sauce based soup with Nameko mushrooms. You can have Nameko-jiru on the top of Mt. Takao with a beautiful view.


 Ayu no shioyaki
Ayu no shioyaki is salt-grilled sweetfish. You can find it at the bottom of the mountain.


 Tororo soba
Tororo soba is soba noodle with grated yam. You can find this at the bottom or the top of the mountain.

 Miso Konnyaku
Miso konnyaku is konnyaku with sweet miso sauce.


As you can see, there are so many kinds of food around Mt. Takao, enjoy them with a beautiful nature there!!!