Japanese Sake – Find your one and only!

Sake is Japanese alcoholic beverage which is made only from rice, malt and water. It goes through the process of and fermentation and filtration. It matches well with Japanese food. Discovering about sake will add another fun to your Japanese dishes.

From thousands of sake, we are going to give you a list of sake that we recommend.


1. Hakkaisan from Nigata prefecture
Hakkaisan is very famous in Japan. Its taste is fruity that is what we recommend for the ones who try out sake for the first time.


2. Dassai from Yamaguchi prefecture
This sake is known well not only in Japan but also in the world. It is also known from a scene of an anime, Evangelion. The character, Satomi, drinks Dassai. If you are a anime fan, you should definitely check it out!


3. Kokuryu Shizuku from Fukui prefecture
Kokuryu is made from snowmelt water in Fukui and high quality rice. Kokuryu Shizuku is the face of Kokuryu series.


4. Juyon-dai from Yamagata
Juyon-dai was became on sale about 20 years ago and became very popular. Its taste is fruity and sweet. It is known as one of the best quality sake from Yamagata.


5. Kubota Manju from Nigata prefecture
Kubota Manju is known as the best of all Kubota series. It is very light as water that it is said that people who don’t like Japanese sake can even drink it. It goes well with white-fish sashimi, tofu and nabe.

Even though there are still thousands of kinds to try out, you can start from those five. As you discover more and more, we hope you will find your one and only.

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