Harajuku Gyozarou


If you are looking for a loco experience in Harajuku, this is one of the things you can enjoy. Traveling around Tokyo can be quite costly but we totally understand that you still want to enjoy your stay as much as possible. If you can relate to it, come out and enjoy delicious Gyouza at Harajuku Gyouzarou!

What is Gyouza?
Gyouza also known as potsticker is originally from China but became popular in Japan for the last few decades. Now Gyouza is one of the most popular Japanese dishes. Gyouza is a dumping filled with vegitables such as cabbage, green onion, nira, ginger and garlic and ground pork.


Harajuku Gyouzaro
Harajuku Gyouzaro is located in a middle of our unique city Harajuku and known for its great Gyouza they offer for relatively cheap price. In Japan, Gyouza is usually served at Ramen restaurant, however, Harajuku Gyouzaro is only specialized in Gyouza. During a dinner time, especially during the weekends, there is a long line because all the Harajuku Girls come to Harajuku Gyouzaro to enjoy Gyouza. It has been well known among foreign travelers as well.


What kind of food can I enjoy at Harajuku Gyouzaro?
As I mentioned earlier, Harajuku Gyouzaro are specialized in Gyouza only. However, you can enjoy both Yaki-Gyouza (Pan fried) or Sui Gyouza (boiled). Yaki-Gyouza is more common that when people say “Gyouza,” it usually means this type of Gyouza. It has a crispy bottom skin but the inside is juicy with all the vegetables and pork. On the other hand, since Sui-Gyouza is boiled instead of fried, it has chewy gyouza skin and goes well in a soup. Even though they are both Gyouza, these two are quite different that you can try both and compare which one you like more. Great thing, one plate only costs 290 yen for six pieces.


It’s not only Gyouza that can excites you!
There are some additional features that you would enjoy at Harajuku Gyouzaro. Firstly, their side menus are very cheap and tasty. We highly recommend you to try their cucumber and sprout with meat sauce. They are only 250 yen each. Also, at Harajuku Gyouzarou, you can watch the chef cooking Gyouza on the pan. This can entertain your stay even more! Lastly, order a glass of beer. You would feel so happy for discovering how much Gyouza and beer can go well together.