Hashidaya – Famous for Cherry Blossom Watching

The weather is slowly getting warmer and it seems like it won’t be too long before spring comes to Tokyo! If you are in Tokyo in Spring, you definitely don’t want to miss the cherry blossoms! It’s very nice to walk around and enjoy the blooming cherry blossoms, but it’s even better with delicious food! The restaurant I am introducing to you is Hashidaya, located by Meouro River which is famous for cherry blossom watching.



If you are a chicken lover, this is the place for you! Hashidaya is a Japanese chicken restaurant: they specialize everything in chicken. If you go to Hashidaya, I recommend their Oyako-don which is their signature dish. Oyako-don is a chicken and egg rice bowl (it means parent-and-child bowl in Japanese. I know, it’s pretty ironic… But trust me, it’s delicious!), cooked with sliced onions and all simmered together in a sauce over a bed of rice. Since Hashidaya specializes in chicken, their Oyako-don is incredibly delicious! The chicken is so juicy and the egg is so rich you can’t stop eating. Another dish you might want to try is the Chicken Nanban. Chicken Nanban is fried chicken marinated in a sweet-and-sour sauce. (Nanban means European in old Japanese, but it is a Japanese dish! …Another mystery.)


Before You Go
Hashidaya has a few shops in Tokyo, and the one with the cherry blossom view is located in Nakamegoro. Hashidaya Nakameguro is open from 6:00 pm to 3:00 am, so make sure you go for dinner. Although Hashidaya Shibuya is open for lunch, I personally recommend Nakameguro, because you can enjoy the food, drinks, and the cherry blossoms at the same time! Be ready for a Japanese spring experience with great Japanese food!