Katsu Midori


If you are asked to name the most iconic Japanese food, what would you choose? You would probably say, “Sushi.” It is the same for us Japanese, too. Sushi has been the big part of our lives and of course, we would like you too experience it as much as possible when you come to Japan. There are many kinds of sushi restaurant in Japan from very fancy one to the ones that locals go. Even if we love sushi so much, it doesn’t mean we can always go to expensive sushi places. It usually means to go to conveyor-belt sushi when we say “going to sushi place.” Even though we want you to try fancy restaurants, you should also try conveyor-belt sushi.


Find the Right One
You can find conveyor-belt sushi restaurants everywhere so it can get difficult to find a good one but we want you to try the right one so today, we would like to introduce you to one of our favorite restaurants, Katsu Midori. They have seven restaurants in Tokyo such as in Meguro, Shibuya and Ikebukuro. It makes it easier to go to. We recommend one in Meguro because it is the most common one. You may think, the quality of conveyor-belt sushi is lower than normal sushi restaurant and in many cases, it is true. However, considering the cost, some conveyor-belt sushi restaurants are worth trying. You just need to find the right one like Katsu Midori, which serves conveyor-belt sushi with cheap price but still very tasty.


What is good about Katsu Midori?
There are many reasons for you to try Katsu Midori such as the low cost, great location, good quality like we have mentioned earlier. However, there are more reasons. Firstly, Katsu Midori offers many kind of Sushi and some food that are not even sushi but very tasty. When you go there and see the menu, you must be very excited to try those foods. They have Karaage Chicken, Miso soup, squid fries, fish stew and so on. They even have ice creams. Second reason is how their sushi is offered. Since conveyor-belt sushi restaurants tend to be cheaper, the seafood on the top of sushi tend to be small. However, that is not the case in Katsu Midori. You can enjoy the seafood that sometimes can’t be fit in the plate. Lastly, since they are very popular and crowded, you can enjoy the unique atmosphere. You are probably used to eat in quiet restaurants but there, the chefs are yelling loudly to tell each other orders and what they are supposed to make. They are very quick and professional. You can see how they make sushi and feel the atmosphere of Japanese sushi restaurant.


Before you go
Before you go, you should know that Katsu Midori can be very crowded during the lunch and dinner time especially during the weekends. You should expect to wait in line if you go there during those times. We hope you will enjoy Katsu Midori. Try as many kinds as you can!