Are you going to Tokyo? Do you often consider yourself a “foodie”? Do you want an intimate experience on your food tour? Come join our daytime and evening food tours. All of our tours are completely private and delivered by our local foodie guides.

Tokyo has become a must-visit destination for people who love to eat. Where the locals go and eat? We will show you everything from street food to traditional cuisine and explore the Tokyo while walking. We are happy to help you create the private tour experience for you. Get a glimpse of daily life in Tokyo’s foodie neighborhood where is away from the tourist crowds that visitors aren’t able to discover on their own.

Our food tours take you beyond the tourist attractions and break down the language barrier between you and locals to find the real side of Tokyo. Food Tours Tokyo welcomes all the food lovers throughout the world.

Ken – Founder

Ken is a food lover and passionate tour guide experienced taking 50 of his classmates from a business school in Boston to the best foods and locations in Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto and Osaka in Japan when attending the MBA program in 2005-2007. He speaks pretty good Japanese and hopefully good English as well. He likes jogging and attending marathon and plans to try triathlon. He is a Tokyo Marathon finisher in 2010 with his record of 4 hours and 45 minutes, which is his best record.


Amy – Manager

Amy is cheerful and considerate tour guide. She loves traveling all over the world and finding delicious foods anywhere. She thinks food is very important part during travel. When she went to Italy and France, she tried to find delicious, local and inexpensive restaurants. However it was totally difficult because of language problem. That’s why she would like to introduce excellent Japanese foods and restaurants. She welcomes you anytime.


Ikuko – Tour Guide

Hi, my name is Ikuko. Food is my passion. This is one of the reasons why I want to share delicious Japanese food with you. Restaurants that I visited with my foodie friends are too many to count. I don’t remember how many round of drinks I had when I was in Dublin. I have kept an eye on variety of food at department store food halls with a housewife’s point of view. Food relate to culture and lifestyle. It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Japanese food and its unique culture. I am glad to share travel tips and ideas for your stay in Tokyo. (My latest translation work “A Beginner’s Guide to Yukata and Kimono” is available at the Amazon book store.)


Iko – Tour Guide

IKO means let’s go in Japanese 🙂 The personality is based on the name. Iko likes to go everywhere. She has been around more than 55 countries all over the world. Since her foreign life experience was treated by people all over the world. It’s time for Iko to treat people back with beautiful Japanese culture and food with lots of laughter. Let’s make your tour so special as one and only!


Karin – Tour Guide

Hi, I am Karin. I was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. I spent a year in Portland, Oregon when I was in high school which I’d like to call “the time of my life.” I love traveling, eating, playing sports and doing photography. My life motto is to be honest with my heart and do what I love and love what I do. I am very excited to share my passion towards Japanese food with you!


Akika – Tour Guide

My name is Akika who love art, movie and eating. I was born and raised in Tokyo. I have been to many countries and I spent a great time in every places, especially eating time! In Japan, we have peculiar food cultures, something might be different for you but something might be really delicious for you. I would like to help your finding new delicious foods in Japan. I’m looking forward to meeting and guiding you in our food tour!


Meg – Tour Guide

Hi I am Meg. I was born in Tokyo, Japan. I studied abroad in New Zealand for a year when I was a high school student. I love traveling, eating, cooking, hanging out with my friends, singing and many things. I enjoy getting to know new people and share our backgrounds. I am very looking forward to meeting you and guiding you. I will try my best to show you great things of Japan to make your stay most of it.


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