Why choose Food Tours Tokyo to enhance your Tokyo experience?

5 Reasons to take our private guided tour


Travelling gives opportunity to learn how people live, what makes places unique.

To enhance your Tokyo experience, here is 5 reasons why you choose our private guided tour:

  1. Get benefits of a personal translator
  2. The language barrier is the biggest difficulty you face in Japan. Few restaurant provide English menus. Most of the chefs and staffs of the restaurants speak very little English. A guide can serve as your personal translator.

  3. Use the public transportation systems efficiently
  4. Subway and railway systems in Tokyo are useful for getting around. But it is little complicated and can be a huge time sink. A guide gets you where you want to go.

  5. Get to know the life of Tokyo
  6. A guide can answer questions about local life and provide a perspective that Wikipedia can’t.

  7. Taste delicious foods from hidden gems
  8. From sweet treats to savory bites and local ethnic eateries, our food tours have got you covered.

  9. Just for fun!
  10. You’ll eat well and learn interesting information. Fill your stomach, mind and sense of adventure.

You can eat and drink your way.
We make your trip fun, easy and memorable!

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Original Experience

The idea of food tour in Tokyo came from my experience when I was attending a business school in Boston. I organized a team to plan a trip to Japan, introducing 50 classmates to the Japanese culture in spring break. We travelled across Japan Island from Tokyo, to Nagoya, Kyoto and Osaka, visiting major Japanese companies including Toyota, enjoying local foods and sightseeing and having fun with classmates for a week.

It was such a great experience for me seeing my friends smile and having fun together. This experience taught me that people will love the trip in Japan specifically with the guide who knows local things including where to eat and go. Furthermore, since I myself enjoyed the experience so much, I decided to do it again! This is how I launched this website, foodtourstokyo.com, to guide you visiting from other countries to local great foods on foot in Tokyo.

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Tokyo Food Tour

We have many other great foods than Sushi!

Think of Japanese foods. Most people think of Sushi. Maybe others think of Shabu Shabu and Tempura, for instance. However, we don’t eat such great foods every day. Rather, I am a great fan of Ramen, which is originally a Chinese noodle but now it evolved to more Japanese style and super popular among Japanese people as well as people from other countries. Also, I love to eat Tonkatsu, pork cutlet, for lunch. Since great Tonkatsu restaurants don’t expose themselves to the web in English, it might be hard to find the great one by Google search for you.

In our tour, we’d like you to take you to the authentic local foods, which might not be fancy like Sushi but we believe really great from Japanese perspectives.

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Tokyo Food Tour